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Hi, I'm Ebony.

Off the Peg is my creative alter ego and home to my original artworks & handmade accessories.

I sew, I make, I design, I paint, I teach... Simply put, I love to create products with my own two hands from concept to finished item and I love to share my process of making.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion from RMIT University and many years of industry experience within the 'rag trade'. After working within varied areas of the fashion and design industry my work has taken a different direction. Open ended creative explorations have allowed me to nurture my artistic capabilities in a less inhibited and more holistic manner. Not one to be categorised, I enjoy working across varied media.


The immense sense of freedom and joy that I can harness through making art is liberating. Through art and the process of making I can express my soul. Through colour, texture and the making of marks I can speak. Via the visual I can communicate.


The process of making is my meditation, I often lose myself in tiny stitches and abstract forms. There is a healing power in allowing the mind to wander as the hands craft and create. Creative expression slows the perception of time and reconnects me with my playful inner child.


I share my work and process here;

If you'd like any more information or to discuss commissioning an artwork

please send me a message.